Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is Illuminati?

If if you don't believe, it doesn't hurt to know.

This website RIGHT HERE has very detailed information on the topic. After reading this go there.

Many people believe conspiracy theories are crazy and only insane people could possibly believe in them. Many people are very close minded and ignorant to the things going on in our world. I am not saying I fully agree or disagree that Illuminati, as most call it, actually does exist. I find the topic interesting and do research into it. It is a fact a group called Illuminati did at one point exist. At first a lot of things didn't make sense and just seemed down right insane, but the deeper you look, the more you find. I mean is it really that crazy that there is a group of people that want to control the world? You see it all the time on TV and in movies. Is it really that crazy that these people may worship Satan or dark energies? (But what is Satan, or what does "Satan" stand for? A whole other topic).

Crowley was called 'the most wicked man on earth'. He is one of the most influential people in our history. He has influenced almost every rock star and rock band, plus countless Hip-Hop/Rap artists including Jay-Z. Jay has wore shirts with Crowley quotes on them and has admitted to being influenced by Crowley. Many say he is one of the reason Rock Stars call themselves Rock Gods. That is a whole other topic about Illuminati though, the music industry, media, and more. There are so many subtopics and branches from everything it's crazy. A huge web and most is what if's or maybes.

The Illuminati is a secret society who share the same bloodline. They refer to themselves with names such as 'The Enlightened Ones' and 'The Elite.' They officially began in 1776. That is why you see 1776 on US Currency, not because of America's freedom. In 1774 they began planning on what they would do in America, and the put these plans to official work 1776. They consist of our US Presidents, Government officials, Banking families, Oil families, and so on. For example the Rockefeller family or Bush family. They rank among and are connected to The Freemasons and many other occult groups. They study Satanism and worship Lucifer (Satan). Some even believe Lucifer was misjudged by God and they must defend him. They say God and Satan had a misunderstanding and that is why Lucifer was thrown out of heaven. Their main goal is a New World Order and One World Government. Just look at the UN or NATO. They got their start through banking. Their main weapon is fear and lack of knowledge within the public. They use media to blind us and dumb down the masses. They are very secret with everything do and always have been. They use symbolism to trick us and keep hidden, that is their language. If they spoke as regular people spoke they would be figured out. So to understand their plans, you must know their language of communication. For example just take a look at US Currency. There is a hidden owl on the front and the seal on the back with the all seeing eye and pyramid. Just look at the crest.

Let me break this seal down for you to understand. I'll start by explaining "Annuit Coeptis." Annuit means to nod assent, to favor, to smile upon, to approve.Coeptis means undertakings, endeavors, beginnings. So "Annuit Coeptis" means 'Favors undertakings' or 'Has approved of our beginnings.' So now your wondering who has approved these beginnings? Most say Providence approves. Our government says God approves, but most know that our government studies and worships Satanism/Witchcraft style religion and their 'God' is actually Lucifer. So that makes most wonder which 'God' they are referring when it says "In God We Trust"? Within Satanism you are taught of one high God, and many under him, their high God is Lucifer aka Satan. Ok, now let me explain "Novus Ordo Seclorum." This is Latin for 'New Order Of The Ages' aka New World Order. And just for your information 'New World Order' in Latin is; "Novus Ordo Mundi." Now there is questions on who is the eye? It is called the all seeing eye. And Illuminati is all seeing, so one could argue and say it is literally Illuminati. Some say it is Lucifer's (Satan) left eye, some say Providence, some say God or Jesus, some say Horus. There are many theories on this eye, but only very few know. Most say Horus because Horus is a god of the Ancient Egyptian religion and there is an Egyptian pyramid under the eye.

Yes there are media idols and musical artists within Illuminati. Two of the biggest are Bad Boy Records (Diddy) and Jay-Z. Most believe one of the many reasons 2Pac began his war with Bad Boy, Biggie, Diddy, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Nas and so on was because they were connected to Illuminati and/or supported Illuminati and he wanted to expose them. Pac himself never said he believe in Illuminati. He said he heard people in prison talking about it and he said how the fuck would this dude know? He said "Killuminati" was created because he is killing this Illuminati shit. Many say Pac sold his soul and regretted it and decided to fight back and expose the truth and that is why he was killed, but that's another topic for later. Let me explain Jay-Z first; the most obvious thing is his label/company name, Rocafella. That is referring to the famous Rockefeller family. The Rockefeller family is one of Illuminati's biggest families. Also, Jay always puts a 'diamond' style hand sign up that resembles a triangle like the one around the all seeing eye on the Great Seal. If you notice, when he looks thru this hand sign, he mainly lets his left eye show thru. So this looks very much like the eye on our currency. This helps to support the idea that it is Lucifer's eye over that pyramid on our money. Because, it is said that it is Lucifer's left eye, Jay shows his left eye. And Jay-Z has a song called 'Lucifer' where if played backwards, says 'Murder Murder Jesus and 666.' Kinda odd huh? It is widely thought that Jay-Z is either directly with Illuminati or is showing his support for Illuminati. Also many think Jay is a Satan worshiping man. And people think he has brought Kanye West in this style of belief. If you look at West's shirt with a pink goat, that resembles Satan in his famous pose. That famous pose which our former President George Washington did. Washington is pictured in this pose that most just think is a plain pose, but no it is a Satanic Pose. Check out the photos..

They look very similar don't they? Because it is widely thought that our world leaders and founding fathers worshiped Satan. Which would prove their connection to Illuminati. In 1774 plans began to be wrote up for Illuminati's plot in America and what they would do. We have all lived thru this plan and plot of evil. From then until now Illuminati has controlled everything. From media to banks and even the minds of the masses. They are working towards a New World Order, a One World Government. One quick example of this is that in 05 Bush signed a formal agreement making the US, Mexico, and Canada the "North American Union" Now they just have to join with the European Union, create and join with Asian Union, and so on..Then NWO is here. The way to stop this sick and corrupt takeover is KNOWLEDGE. Knowing who they are, what they do, and how they do it will stop them. So we need to spread this word and get this movement going. I personally stand for Killuminati (introduced by 2Pac) and I am trying to get this Revolution, this movement, out there and started.

They use media and propaganda to trick the masses. They control corporations such as Fox and CBS. They got their start through Banking. By controlling money, you control everything. Our world runs on money. They create all these world events, wars, and things like that so put fear within you. When a person is at a level with no fear, they are at their full potential. They know this, so they put this fear of terrorism, death, and pain within the masses through media. Nothing you hear on the news is real. There is no war in the middle east, no terrorists, its bullshit. Both sides created this to profit and continue on their path of a New World Order. If you do not believe that, take the following into consideration; On the day of 9/11 it is said that George Bush Sr. and Osama Bin Ladens brother were in a meeting together in New York. George W. Bush got into a plane with close to no security and flew around for near an hour, he would have been blown out of the sky if they really wanted him to. Bombs were planted at the base of each Tower. That is just a little information on that. And just after Regan's election, our US Government funded the Taliban and Saddam Hussein with money and nuclear weapons, but today they say they did not and that they are our enemies when in fact our enemies our the governments and leaders themselves. See, our leaders and every other countries leaders are connected some how and all profit together. One wide known fact is that the Bush family rose to power though the 3rd Reich/Nazi's and Hitler. Our government funded Hitler's cause because they believed it too. That is a whole other topic and story and I will not go into that now. But Hitler believed that blacks, Jews, etc. were in Satan's bloodline. That is a fact in Nazi teachings, although they all study Satanism, which is odd huh?? That is a very confusing topic that will be explained later. IBM made the computers for Hitler and his army to keep track of his prisoners, that's fucked up.

Now today this Veri-Chip is being made by Digital Angel, who has connection to IBM. the Veri-Chip will be implanted near your right hand and control every part of your life. Money, ID, Passport, everything. So if you disobey or make them made, they simply turn your chip off and you can do nothing. DO NOT get chipped. This small little chip is the Mark of the Beast. Yes, mark of Satan, Lucifer, Devil. It is pure evil. For those who do not believe; in the Bible the mark helped you buy and trade, so does this veri-chip. In the Bible, those who accepted the Mark (666) their skin would break out, burn, swell, and go into pain. Today if you have this Veri-Chip and walk near an electro-magnetic field, your skin will burn a hole. That's right, this simple little 'chip' will burn your skin and bring you pain. That sounds very similar to the Mark of the Beast, 666. One thing Illuminati is moving towards is the return of the Devil. For every person, especially Christians or just simply believers in God or Jesus, that do no accept this 'mark' (veri-chip) they will be locked in concentration camps. Yes camps just like Hitler ran. They are all over America, there are buildings and places that can be quickly and easily turned into camps to hold thousands. They will be beat, hurt, and eventually killed. This will happen because of their faith to God. That is sick.

I personally believe in God, but do not support religion. Killuminati is something 2Pac introduced. Figure it out: Kill-Illuminati. Pac aka Makaveli, spoke of Killuminati a lot before his so called death. See but most get what Pac mean by Killuminati confused. While in prison he heard many talking of illuminati, so when he said Killuminati he meant kill the thoughts and negative ideas of it away. Better yourself and your life and don't waste energy on that shit. Get yours, grind, and earn; don't waste thoughts on illuminati and be depressed or down because we're 'controlled' or whatever it may be. He even spoke of the Veri-Chip, check song 'They Don't Give A Fuck About Us.' Other songs of Pac mentioning Illuminati, Killuminati, or his faked death are; Hail Mary, Bomb First, Against All Odds, Killuminati. So could he have faked his death and escaped Illuminati? Very possible. At the very start of Bomb First, he says "Shoulda Shot Me" In Ain't Hard 2 Find..His verse explains it all so plain and simple how he could still be breathin. the song Ghost has alot of signs within it. Damn near every thing Pac spit had signs hidden within it. 2Pac was one artist and man that studied Illuminati and how they work and devised a plan to defeat them. This plan included faking his own death. This plan can be called Killuminati. Another artist that speaks of Illuminati on a regular basis is Immortal Technique. That is the reason he gets no radio play and mainstream exposure. He is, along with 2Pac, one of smartest Hip-Hop emcees ever. He knows mankind's history, Illuminati's plan and history, and he speaks of it on every track. Listening to Pac and Tech will help you learn more of Illuminati and our corrupt world. Technique goes into deep detail on most tracks explaining how they work and how to stop it. Also artists like Ras Kass, Canibus, Diabolic, and many more speak of Illuminati in their songs. So please, even if you hate Hip-Hop, listen to them closely. Knowledge is power. Power is not money, clothes, cars, jewelry, or anything along that line. Knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world. the more you know, the stronger you become. Illuminati knows this, that is why they use media to manipulate your minds. Through tv, radio, internet, etc you are brainwashed and sidetracked. They know that tv and radio takes up your time and they like that. Because that is time you could use to be learning and expanding your mind. In school you learn nothing you really need in life. Yes school helps your thought process and helps you be able to understand things easier, but they teach nothing of our true history. They don't explain how evil our leaders are, how controlling they are, or how corrupt our world is.

Ok, now about this symbolism. It can be seen everywhere, literally everywhere. Your tv, computer screen, movies, video games, banks..everywhere. One main symbol they use is the eye. the most known is the all seeing eye on our currency. Another well known eye is the CBS logo. Yes CBS as in the tv station and company. They are owned and controlled by Illuminati along with Fox and many more. Take a look for yourself and see this eye symbol within their logo.

Ok so CBS, but who else. AOL, yes AOL as in the long time internet company. If you look at their logo you see a triangle that looks similar to a pyramid, also within that triangle is a circle style design that resembles an eye.

One example many use is actually Sunkist the soda. Because of the word Sun, the sun style design, and the I and N connect. Which makes Sinkist. So just turn on your tv or begin browsing the internet and I promise you will see many Illuminati logo's.

I mentioned an owl for one of their symbols earlier, that is located on our currency, top right and very small, practically hidden. Some say it is a spider, but they are wrong, it is in fact an owl. But why an owl? Why would Illuminati have an owl for one of their many logos? Because owls are very smart and can seen in the dark of night. Illuminati believe they are 'enlightened' and can 'see' what the masses can not. They think they know things we do not and have more intelligence, so an owl works perfect. That explains why it is on our currency. Also one fact is that every year in July our worlds 'elite' have a large meeting at Bohemian Grove. There is a large owl figure there. They do mock sacrifices of humans. And what is odd is most leaders claim to worship God. But this proves that wrong. This shows their Satan worshipping ways. They even wear red and black robe style outfits with hoods. These outfits are similar to the KKK's outfits. That could prove Illuminati connections and support to the KKK. It is very well know that the Nazi's were connected and supported by Illuminati. That means that our leaders in the US helped Hitler and his sick ways.

One hand sign very much used is the 'horns' looking sign. Your pointer and pinky up together, this resembles Satan's horns. Every world leader has been pictured doing this symbol. Some could argue and say they are just throwing up a random sign or something like that. But why would they repeatedly do it? Because it shows their faith to Satan and faith to Illuminati.

One photo I ran across and have questioned is George W. Bush doing a Hitler style salute. And it is well known the Bush family had connections to Hitler and the 3rd Reich and even funded them, and this lead to the rise of the Bush family. Just check it out and see what you think and if you see a similar hand salute

Ok so now, does Illuminati play into the Bible or religion at all? Yes. Just search and you will find many connections. Illuminati's plan is to prepare the earth for Satan to come. the believers in God will be toke out of this Hell on earth, while the non-believers will be left to suffer the wrath of God. the end is truly near and close to coming. God said no one, not even Jesus himself, knows or will know the exact second, minute, hour, or day he will return. But, the generation will know. Break out of disease, war, poverty, death, and natural disasters. Sound familiar? Take a quick look around, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes are happening so much more as of lately. Death rates, poverty, disease, hunger, gas prices, corruption, and so much more. the truth is out there, you just have to look for yourself and you will find it. the path to Heaven is narrow, the path to Hell is wide. Most are on a direct path to eternal fire, while very few are on a direct path to light. It is a shame how many are blind to Illuminati, Satan, and all this corruption. It is sad how many do not have faith within God. It is truly sad to see this amazing corruption just go un-noticed and unstopped. They have blinded the masses thru media, tricks, and lies. You must open your mind and open your eyes and take a look around, it is everywhere. the way to survive to have faith in God and fight. Get a plan, get a strategy, and get ready..

Knowledge is power.

(This was written by me years and years ago when I had less knowledge on the topic. I may re-write, but honestly I would recommend spenidng your time and energy finding knowledge of self; don't get caught up in humanities webs of lies. There are so many what if's, maybes, and could be's with the illuminati conspiracies and none are currently provable 100%. Find yourself.)